z 2015 Social Media Marketing

Enterprises and brands with deep pockets have started investing in Social Media Marketing programs for the last few years. In general, small businesses have, perhaps justifiably, decided to defer investments till the technology has stabilized and body of knowledge has been built. Along with you Obligent Consulting has also kept track of the progress. We understand that the rules of business has not changed with social media – as it had not during the early days of the dot com.

We now understand some truths as self-evident. For example, the more you engage with your customers the more comfortable they are in doing business with you. We also understand some truths that are not as apparent. Social media marketing has become a collection of jargon and you need to peel the onion to decide what would be most effective for you. Obligent Consulting can be a valuable partner for you in that process and help you choose what is right for you. We can do a lot for you, but that does not mean you would need all of them.

Here are some of the work that we can help you with.

  • Social Media Plan: Obligent Consulting will help you compile a plan on how to use relevant social media tools, platforms and techniques to market its products and services. The plan will also lay out the approaches that you may adopt to engage with your customers; and how to enhance customer satisfaction and marketing by referrals. In case you already have a plan we would use that to understand whether the results are as per the expectations.
  • Setting up the Processes and Tools: Obligent Consulting would set up the Social Media Plan that we have helped you develop or adopt one that you already. We would train you and help you to a put processes and procedures so that you are able to implement and run the tools yourself if you choose to. If you are, for example, a business with your customers buying at a particular location or area, then it may mean setting up a Google+ page, creating or claiming an Yelp or Foursquare listing and setting it up. At this stage Obligent would also help you to link your Social Media Plan to your other processes. If you are a professional services business it may mean setting up the LinkedIn ecosystem.
  • Implementation of the plan: Implementing the plan may mean designing and running a Social Media Campaign for you, for example a contest on Facebook or Instagram. It would, most probably, be linked to traditional marketing or Internet marketing processes. Implementation of the plan may also mean helping the business posting updates on Facebook or Google+, monitoring customer reviews on Yelp or identifying connections on LinkedIn.