Big Picture Assessment

As the name suggests, a Big Picture assessment is a high level review of your business. Obligent will present the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats faced by your business. That includes the internal components and the external environment map.

Why you might need one

Most business leaders and owners have their hands full running the business from day to day. If you are running your business then current customer satisfaction is a priority. Marketing and sales for new is a close second. You may have this feeling that things could be a shade easier or better. Most likely, you do not have the time to zoom out and have a view of your business from the top. It may be time to get your business its annual health check. Ask us about out Big Picture Assessment.

What would you get

Obligent would recommend action items to help you reach and exceed your goals. We would highlight what you are doing well and should stay the course. We would also identify the roadblocks in your current processes.

How would we do it

Each business is unique. Even though it may be one of the thousands in its industry or market segment. That is why some succeed gloriously, some fail and some just get by. So our approach comes with a framework and not a tool. We analyze the environment and assess your business model. If you have good data we use those, otherwise we make do with what you have. Our framework reveals what you don’t know that you don’t know about your business. SWOT analysis with a set of starter questions helps us get into the exercise. We tailor our approach to fit you, but that does not mean we water down the quality of our recommendations.