About Us

Who we are

Do you lead a Small or Medium Business? Are you looking for ways to grow your business or manage its operations? Then this is the right place to stop and explore. Our vision at Obligent Consulting is a world where all small & medium enterprises prosper. In that world all startups succeed and all social enterprises create an impact.

We work with small & medium businesses to support their growth. We can help you with strategies that work. And then work with you to make that strategy happen. After that Obligent Consulting would be available to help you sustain your growth. Check out our marketing and growth strategy offerings. We are a proud member of the Woodbridge Metro Chambers of Commerce.

We are a team with a background of working with large and diverse businesses. Obligent Consulting operates in a model where we have a core team and an extended network of affiliates. All have similar values and culture.

Why do we work with Small Businesses?

When most strategy consulting firms shun small businesses Obligent Consulting embraces them. Most strategists acknowledge that small & medium enterprises are the bulk of the economy. But they choose to focus on the Fortune 100 or 1000 companies. SBA data show 64% of net new private-sector jobs are at small businesses. These businesses produce 46% of private-sector output and make up 33% value of exports.

That type of data is hard to ignore. The same data also says about half of small businesses do not survive the first five years. Only about one third survive ten years or more. It is difficult to ignore such reality. That is why we are committed to our vision.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to solve to small business leaders is that we will not consider a job as done till you say it is. We will not be afraid to call a spade a spade, or call out a concrete life jacket when we see one. We will provide solutions that work. You will find that we are not afraid to reach out to our network to introduce you to the right person if that is not us. Obligent Consulting looks forward to celebrate your success. Our success depends on yours. We are bound by our values to serve and oblige.

The Team

Here are the core members of the team that provide the muscle to that intent.

Saumya Ganguly (Shoumo)

Shoumo GangulyShoumo brings to the table a perspective acquired over years of solving business problems. His earlier jobs were at PwC, IBM Business Consulting and Cognizant. His clients have ranged from global Fortune 500 companies to Main Street businesses. Over the years Shoumo noticed that his work was being defined by revenue earned and employees managed. This was very different from the job of creating value and solving problems that he had signed up for.

That was when Shoumo set up Obligent Consulting. Here he helps business owners with startup, growth & marketing strategies. Shoumo helps SBDC (Middlesex County) clients to solve their challenges. He gives back to the community by mentoring future entrepreneurs at the CTEC program at Rutgers. He also helps the Woodbridge Downtown Merchants Association with their digital presence.

Dipankar Sengupta

Dipankar’s management consulting experience began in Andersen Consulting and Deloitte Consulting. The entrepreneurial bug got to him in 2004. That year he built a technology consulting business from the scratch. Since then, he has repeated his success by partnering with the best people. Dipankar’s “superpower” is non-linear thinking. Also, his leadership style creates a high-energy environment. Together, these help to make ideas happen and businesses achieve their performance goals.