Growth Strategy

Sustained revenue with a matching cash flow is vital to business continuity. Quality of revenue earned is as important as the volume of revenue. A business needs diversified, recurring, sustained and predictable revenue. That insures its growth in a changing economy.  Are you as business leader too close to your business? Do you have the time to step back to assess the quality of your revenue?

If the answer is not “yes” to both of the above then you might to have a conversation with us. We will provide you with the nudge that your business may need. If you would like to more before you make that call read on.

If “growth” is on your mind then it is possible that you have been in business for a while and have had some success. In that case you would need to understand factors in your business make it successful. If the business has not been as good as in the past we would need to isolate the factors that have caused this change.

Once we get to that point we use that knowledge to decide the next steps. You will find more details about these steps in our Strategic Growth Plan offering. We call these steps the Peel Back and Build Up stages.

Replicating success may mean doing more of the same or new things with similar processes. More of the same would mean scaling operations or getting into new markets. Examples are, adding more capacity / stock or opening another outlet. The second option means selling more to the same customers by up-selling or cross selling.  It might also need you to find a different market or clientele. Our approach help you discover and test your current secret sauce so that you can use it to sustain the success.