z 2015 Internet Marketing

Most small businesses have embarked on the journey of Internet marketing, if only via some listings in online directories. If you are a small business Obligent Consulting can be the pragmatic partner that you would need to ensure that you spend only what is necessary and what will generate the revenue you expect in return. You will find that we do not go overboard on projects that you may not be ready for, like search engine optimization, or may not have a lot of appetite for, like online advertisements with Google Adwords or Facebook advertisements. That does not mean we cannot show you the path in those initiatives if you so choose.

There would have to be a method to the madness, however. Here is what we mean by that.

  • Putting the plan in place: The first step of the process would be to take a hard look at the Marketing plan that you would already have with its objectives, goals and budget. You may already have components of the plan being implemented on the Internet. If that is the case most probably it may be worthwhile to have a look at how those are doing. Does your website have current information? Do you know who your customers are, and do have a mechanism to capture relevant details on them? How current is your email list? Having assessed the situation we may work with you to re-tool the plan or draw a new one.
  • Setting up the Internet Marketing frame work: This may include setting up a website or a blog. It may mean choosing a tool for your email newsletters – for your content marketing or seasonal deals – and setting it up. It would perhaps mean setting up the budget and mechanism of your online advertisement plan. Most probably there would be an element of Analytics to round off the exercise of setting up your Interment Marketing.
  • The execution or implementation of the plan: It is not just enough to set up the framework. Running the plan needs effort. Obligent Consulting may help by periodic reviews, occasional involvement like publishing on-line press releases, or may work hand in hand with you – with you in the driver’s seat – to run the Internet Marketing plan in tandem with the Social Media Marketing and the brick and mortar marketing framework.