z 2015 Business Strategy

For the Small and Medium sized Businesses, sustained revenue with a matching cash flow is vital to business continuity. When it is a matter of remaining in business in a changing economy the quality of revenue becomes a second thought, if not downright relevant. If the Leadership of the business does not have the time to step back and evaluate whether revenue for the day is at the cost of revenue for the following days, whether we are having lunch at breakfast, an outside in view by Obligent Consulting may be just the nudge that the business needs.

The other, more glaring challenge, most small businesses have is the cash flow challenge despite a satisfactory revenue stream. While there is no silver bullet for this issue Obligent Consulting would be able to work with you to arrive at a scenario where there are no last minute surprises. While assessing the processes and procedures for this tip of the iceberg issue, Obligent Consulting has the experience of going deep and identifying opportunities to reallocate and reduce costs, improve efficiency and overall profitability of the business.

This generally requires an exercise that starts with revisiting the Business Strategy based on the business plan. Obligent Consulting can conduct a Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat (SWOT) analysis to set a good baseline for the business to move forward. We would work with you to combining past performance with your future plans and industry strengths, to give us an insight into the realm of the possible. That would also give Obligent Consulting the inputs to work with you to re-examine your offerings, service and product portfolio.

We would not stop at just recommending the path ahead but would be happy to work with you to “operationalize” the strategy and make it happen. More often than not these need usage of tools and systems. Obligent Consulting would be happy to recommend technology as appropriate. With open source and could solutions becoming mainstream, your Small Business may find these economical and low risk solutions. We would also factor in the compatibility of such new tools with your existing ones. If you already have a technology partner we would be happy to collaborate. If appropriate Obligent Consulting itself or working with its network may provide technical assistance. We would ensure that these projects deliver the value was the reason for you to undertake them, and we will ensure that these conclude within the time and budget as planned.